• Nathan Westfall

    Nathan Westfall has hosted 4 episodes.

    Nathan Westfall is a Software Engineer working in Upstate New York. He mainly works with .NET working on anything it supports including web, desktop, and mobile using Xamarin (his favorite). He loves to contribute to open source and loves setting up new projects than maintaining old ones. Other than that, he is also an A1 Audio Engineer and will help out at shows with Apex Audio.


  • Rick Warden

    Rick Warden has hosted 4 episodes.

    Rick Warden is a Water/Wastewater/Environmental Engineer working in the Chesapeake Bay area. He mainly works with local governments and upgrading/creating infrastructure as well as private entities for environmental clean up/regulations. His specialty is ArcGIS applications for visualization of data and asset management for local governments. Other interests include cryptocurrency, drones, and everything google.